Bench Press World Record

Here you will find the records for bench pressing regardless of weight class or governing organization. Records by weight class can be found in here.

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World Record Raw Bench Press

In "raw" -bench pressing the lifter cannot use a bench press shirt.

1. Scot Mendelson, 715 lbs



Scot Mendelson

Born: February 21, 1969
Nationality: United States
Residence: Valley Glen, California

Scot held the world record , 1,009 lb, which
was broken in 2008 by Ryan Kennelly with his
lift of 1075 lbs.

World Record in Assisted Bench Press

In assisted bench press, or shirted bench press, the lifter is allowed to use a very sfiff supportive shirt. Bench press shirt helps to achieve much greater weights than it is possible to lift without any gear.

1. Ryan Kennelly, 1075 lbs



Ryan Kennelly

RAW record: 655 lbs
Height: 6 ft 2

His current record is the third time in 2008 that he has broken the bench press world record. On April 12th, 2008, Kennelly set the bench press record with a lift of 1070 lbs (486 kg) during the American Powerlifting Association Open Iron War held in Kennewick, Washington.