441 lb bench press challenge - 18 years old and natural!

200kg penkki 18-vuotiaana

The 18-year old Marko "Vastis" Mielikäinen from Finland is making history (almost). 440 lb (200 kg) from bench press, all natural!

Bench-pressing.com will be following Marko's progress and report all the new videos here.

Vastis did 14.5.2013 125kg, 140kg ja 155kg:

Vastis did 17.5.2013 140kg, 170kg ja 200,5kg:

Vastis did 22.5.2013 145kg ja 150kg:

Vastis did 25.5.2013 6*4*145kg:

Vastis did 25.5.2013 140kg:

Vastis did 27.5.2013 160kg:

Vastis did 29.5.2013 180kg:

Vastis did 30.5.2013 150kg:

Vastis did  31.5.2013 140kg:

Vastis did 3.6.2013 6*6*145kg:

Vastis did 5.6.2013 5x2x150kg

Vastis did 8.6.2013 5x5x155kg with Mika Nyyssölän kera

Vastis did 14.6.2013 speed bench press 160kg