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About the site and the Finnish gather ca. 100 - 150 unique visits per day. In a year, there is 25 000 - 30 000 unique visitors all together in both sites. We are an independent site.

The Finnish Facebook-page "Penkkipunnerrus" has almost 800 fans and the English "Bench Pressing" Facebook-page harbours well over 1000 fans.

We are closing in on the race for "first page visibility" on Google searches and with searches like "bench pressing" we are on 13th position, closing on the old timers of bench pressing site. First page, here we come, others beware!

This of course means that we are popular than ever and more and more people from all over the world are finding usefull and interesting. All those Facebook fans can't be wrong! also has a Youtube-channel, under the name "Termis2" and also there we are popular. With over 4 500 000 views on all videos, we are topping on most bench pressing searches!

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